Ignite the Sun


Ignite the Sun is Hanna C. Howard’s debut novel, a young adult fantasy that will be arriving in the world on August 18 2020, from BlinkYA/HarperCollins. You can read more about it here, or about Hanna here. 🙂

Care for some tea with your reading?

Preorder the exclusive swag bundle from Hanna’s Etsy shop and you’ll get a signed book, a mug printed from original watercolor art, and IGNITE-themed sunglasses, book light, bookmark, and bookplate.

Giveaways more your style?

Enter to win one of five hand-painted mugs with the quotes from IGNITE THE SUN’s section headers, or one of the Etsy swag bundles between July 6 and August 17! Winners will be drawn weekly. Visit @hannachoward on Instagram for more information!

Preorder from Magic City Books (or the book retailer of your choice), and add to Goodreads!