Hanna C. Howard

Hanna C. Howard lives and writes in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She grew up as a passionate reader with a passionate dog obsession, and throughout elementary school, refused any book that wasn’t about dogs in some capacity. Since then she has somewhat expanded her literary palate, but her favorite stories still tend to have a dog in them somewhere.

In college Hanna studied English and Creative Writing, and she has worked as a Barnes & Noble Bookseller, a Scholastic Book Fairs Merchandiser, a community college writing tutor, a plant saleswoman, and an Etsy small business owner (usually at least two of these jobs at a time, alongside her writing)—though she has wanted to be a professional novelist since the 10th grade. In 2020, she saw this dream come to fruition at last with the publication of her debut YA fantasy novel, Ignite the Sun.

Hanna is married to her One True Love, and they have three small hobbit children: a kind-hearted, word-loving son, and small but intrepid twin daughters. They have two kittens and one rescue dog right now–a very athletic shepherd/lab mix–but Our Divine Mischief was inspired by Hanna’s canine bestie of 12 years, a devious Catahoula Leopard Dog named Ophelia, who died in early 2020 and left a very large hole in her family’s hearts. Whenever possible, Hanna spends time in her garden or in her library office, coaxing beauty from the earth or stories from the page. There is nothing she likes quite so well as a properly-brewed cup of strong British tea.