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Hanna C. Howard started seriously writing books in the tenth grade, in a spiral notebook, when she should have been paying attention in math class. Now she writes with no math to disturb her, and always with a pot of tea nearby– until the Oklahoma wind blows her out into her rambling cottage garden to conjure beauty or nurture compost. She lives in Tulsa with her husband, three young hobbit children, and a gaggle of animal familiars. Her first novel, Ignite the Sun, came out in 2020 and was a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection and the winner of the Oklahoma Creative Women Award for Juvenile Fiction in 2022. Our Divine Mischief released in October of 2023, and was a Teacher’s Favorite in the Children’s Book Council 2024 awards.


Áila LacInis is ready to embark on her village’s Goddess Trial: a perilous row through the choppy sea loch to an island where the goddess Yslet grants medallions to those ready to apprentice in a craft. But when she does, she meets no divinity at all; only a muddy, rascally dog who seems determined to follow her home. Crushed and baffled, Áila returns to the village, where the clan leaders decide she must undertake a series of divine Ordeals to determine her fate.

Hew LacEllan is an Unblessed, one of the rare people to whom the goddess Yslet gave a blank, gold medallion instead of a craft. Though he longs to become a priest, he is an outcast in the village, so when he is tasked with helping Áila through her Ordeals, he jumps at the chance to make more of his life. But spending his days with Áila soon begins to jeopardize his heart…

Orail isn’t quite sure what she is at first, beyond a dog. All she knows is that Áila is her whole world. But as her consciousness matures, bringing her powerful wish-granting magic, she begins to remember… That she has been before, and will be again—if she can bury her trickster ways and convince the gods she’s reformed.

A sweeping YA fantasy inspired by Scottish history and folklore, Our Divine Mischief takes readers on a journey told in three voices: a determined heroine, an outcast young man, and a poetic canine. Their adventure spans an island fishing village to the king’s court in a story about identity, belonging, and the love between a human and her dog.


Siria Nightingale has never seen the sun, but neither has anyone else her age in the kingdom of Terra Volat. For sixteen years–her entire life–the world has been shrouded in enchanted Darkness, a declared protective gift from the Witch Queen who rules there. And though Siria has an inexplicable fear of the dark, she also longs to win the approval of her strict and demanding parents, who want to see her selected for the Queen’s court.

She heads, therefore, to the Royal City, to the very center of the Queen’s Darkness, in hopes of pleasing her parents. But what she discovers at the Choosing Ball will change her life and send her on a quest that could bring back the Light— or doom the kingdom to shadow forever. With a ragtag group of rebels, Siria sets her course for the far north, toward the last vestiges of the light, where it is rumored the sun might still be found… and saved.

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